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Wild Clay Eye of Protection Ceramic Wall Sculpture 6.5"

Wild Clay Eye of Protection Ceramic Wall Sculpture 6.5"

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Eye of Protection Ceramic Wall Sculpture for Home or Garden. 6.5" diameter

Made from local Wild Clay I discovered, exciting variations include melted pebbles and and traces of the original environment. 

Wheel-thrown ceramic sculpture is hand-painted with the moon, eye, and plant protectors bay laurel and moonflower (datura wrightii). These botanical wall sculptures are designed to help keep unwanted energy out of a space. Created with much intention and inspired by traditional evil eye protection symbols and the Italian cimaruta.

Hand-painted in greens, white, and light blue over an iron-rich red clay body, with a glossy clear glaze over the top. Partial white glaze on the back.

Braided metal hanging wire on the back makes this piece easy to hang inside our outside. Foot-ring on back is unglazed.

Measurements are approx. 6.5"diameter and 1" deep.

All items are handmade; please allow for minor variations.

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