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Poppy Fermentation Crock - Fermenting Crock - Pickling Crock

Poppy Fermentation Crock - Fermenting Crock - Pickling Crock

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Ceramic fermenting crock with poppy pods, Brown Pickling Crock

Wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted, this unique fermentation crock is an heirloom-quality addition to your fermenting supplies!

One dry brown and one unopened green poppy pod are hand-sculpted on the lid as a knob. Handmade fermenting crock is covered by a satiny cream glaze on the interior and rim that highlights the speckled brown clay. Outside is unglazed and sanded smooth.

This beautiful sauerkraut crock is absolutely unique, and a stand-out from commercial designs. Double lip moat can be filled with water, allowing bubbles to escape, and helping to create a natural airlock.

Two handmade weights included; 3.75" and 2.65".

Durable ceramic crock is dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. Lid must be hand-washed.

With lid, measures approx. 9.5" tall, 6" diameter, this fermenting crock pot holds half gallon (two quarts).

All pieces are handmade by me, please allow for minor variations.

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